For all the Anti Frackers around (just in english) :

For all the Anti Frackers around (just in english) :

(My English is not perfect, any question just ask, please)

Fracking and Tar Sands 2015

No to oil and gas exploration (fracking) and unconventional energy’s in Portugal and in the world 2015

In the end of 2014 we have several surprises, first the visible reactions of environmental groups against the works of oil industry in the coast of Algarve and the consequences of hydraulic fracture (Fracking) in the environment and human society. We have assist to the last breath of Porto Energy owner of Mohave Oil and Gas (Texas), registered in the Canadian stock market TSX-V (PEC) that abandon the work in Alcobaça, Portugal. We also assist the abandon of the work by Petrobrás (Brazil) that pass it´s part to ENI (Italy), for offshore exploration in the Alentejo coast. We have seen Repsolpushing hard in offshore Algarve, and Oracle Energy Corp (Canada) pick up… where others give up… on Shore in Peninsula de Setubal. And so on… gas pipes, and other infrastructures in all the country.

But, Also several actions anti fracking where made by several groups and people are starting to talk about it. The actions anti fracking where possible do to the interest of several people on the subject that help to spread the seed and act. One of the points we mark for 2014 that still need to be done are pressing  the companies that have important physical places in Portugal, and change information with other people that are confronting the work of those companies will be one of the goals for 2015.

Other goal that we propose is the intensification of international contacts and collaboration with them. The corporation that are working in Portugal, also work in several places in the world of, Like Brazil, Africa, America, Europe and Middle East, with eyes on Asia… In Portugal things are in the studies, but in the world the same corporation already explore oil and gas, and the consequences are visible and if we all are aware of it, is because of the mutual support between, individuals, citizens groups are stronger that the actions of environmental NGO e Human Rights (for them self’s anyway).

We believe that the local population most be active in the actions, and that they must have a important word about it, because they are the main victims. We do not officer our self’s as saviors, mas as equals, supporters and participants. In the last years of activism, we already refuse to held meetings with the Government, campaigns with some NGO, we already leave a international group because we feel a little “lack of truth”, we don’t want to be leaders, or followers, just mutual cooperation, that just work with sincerity between individuals, open dialog, and at least try to understand different ideas (not easy, but possible)… We can’t agree in everything… We want to talk about the earth, about life… we do not want to talk about world economy, green politics, and corporative solutions.

When trying to explain this in Portugal we give the example of Idle No More. We talk about the several strugglers against the Oil industry and the connection to other several “attacks” form the mentality of exploration intrinsic in progress and market. (For 2 years we know about the movement, because of Tar Sands, and we are learning a lot).

The Companies that work in Portugal are Galp (Portuguese), ENI (Italy), Repsol (Spain), Partex Oil and Gas (Gulbenkian)(South America), Oracle (Canada). Several Europeans companies come and go to help the oil work, companies like Baker Hughes (England).

In the End of 2014 a EDP, the main electric company of Portugal (main shareholders are American corporation, follow by China) make a business with Cheniere (USA) to buy natural gas fromMarcellus Shale, for 2O years. The both corporation are waiting for the money so they can move to their projects like the Trem 3 do Corpus Christi Liquefaction from Cheniere, and in Portugal the construction of several deposits for the liquid gas near the Gas Reservoirs of REN in Carriço, Pombal, and upgrades in the harbors of Refineries de Sines and Matosinhos.

If you think we can change information… Just Ring…

The union of global people against exploration is the solution we all need to get good root’s…

You can follow some of our work  and change information in the facebook:…

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